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In simple terms, we are a search engine that will search the whole internet for you and locate EVERY optical related job vacancy advertised across the UK and then put it in one place for you to view “Optical Job Directory”.


Because it’s what you wanted.

Research highlighted that what you really wanted was one place where you could find all the best optical jobs, each clearly described in simple to follow sections: Salary, Location, Full or part-time, Skills required and list of Benefits on offer so that you didn’t need to spend hours searching 1,000’s of websites and job boards looking for a role that meets your needs and not the needs of agencies or job boards

​What You really wanted was:

  • 1,000’s of Optical Practice Managers jobs with both multiple and independents 
  • Every Optical Assistant role in the UK by both salary and location.
  • Optometrist vacancies that had clear and easy to read job descriptions, offering salaries from £30,000 – £90,000 
  • Every optical vacancy from every optical company in the UK. 

Well, Optical Job Directory is here to deliver on what you wanted and deliver for you each and every time.

How does it work?

By using the very latest search technology, state of the art algorithm’s and years of recruitment experience we have designed a system for you. 


A system which will allow you to put into the search criteria what you want and the Optical Job Directory system will search over 15,000 optical vacancies advertised on 1,000’s of sites across the UK and create a shortlist for you, all based on what matches your specification.

What’s the difference between Optical Job Directory and a standard job board?

As you probably already know, each job board only advertises the vacancies that they are paid to advertise, meaning that there are 1,000’s of vacancies that you will never see. Why limit your opportunities based on the job boards advertising budgets.

What’s the difference between Optical Job Directory and a standard recruitment agency?

It’s no secret that recruitment agencies need you to take the roles they are being paid to offer. This could limit the choice you have when finding the career move that is best for you. Why limit your opportunities to only the ones where the agency gets a commission? 

So how does Optical Job Directory change this?

By giving you the choice of everything, all the vacancies, all the direct employer vacancies, all the job board vacancies, all the multiple vacancies, even all the independent vacancies.

How does it work

Simply find the vacancy or vacancies that you like the look of and just press Apply (along with a few details about yourself). You will then be contacted by one of our highly experienced Service Managers to tell you more about your chosen vacancies.


Once you are happy that this is a vacancy that you would like to be put forward for, then your personal Service Manager will contact the relevant employer and arrange an interview based on your available time scales. 


Should any of your chosen vacancies be through a professional recruitment agency acting on behalf of an employer then your Service Manager will explain your situation to the agency and request that the agency acting on behalf of the employer contact you directly. 


To continue to give you the power, Optical Job Directory will even supply you with recommended questions to ask during interview, advice on preparation and how to best present yourself.

How do Optical Job Directory ensure you get the most competitive salary package possible?

Because we are using a state-of-the-art system that is continually analysing 1,000’s of optical vacancies every minute and across every employer in the optical industry, we know who could pay you the best salaries, who could offer you the best bonuses and who can offer you the most flexible working hours.


Optical Job Directory can even analyse the employer reference sites such as Glassdoor to see which employer is rated the highest by their own past and present staff 


To put Optical Job Directory to the real test, simply run a search of your own and see how easy it is to find the kind of jobs you really want to hear about.

Happy Searching…..

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